colorFabb PA-CF Low Warp
Available now!
colorFabb PA-CF Low Warp
Available now!
colorFabb PA-CF Low Warp
Available now!
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colorFabb PA-CF Low Warp

very low warp at ambient temp | heat resistance: 120C | carbon fiber infused | 260C-280C

Low Warp

The PA-CF Low Warp is a one of a kind polyamide formulation with the ability to print nearly warp free on non heated buildplatforms. Low infill prints come out perfectly flat on cold bed for higher infill prints 40/50C temperature is enough to obtain flat prints. Read more about print settings and advice, here.

Low moisture absorption

The formulation has been modified to reduce the uptake of moisture by half compared to PA6 and it also takes about 4 times longer to reach the saturation point. This makes PA-CF Low Warp less sensitive to moisture then most other nylon filaments available in the market. Read more about the material properties, here.

Excellent mechanical properties

This tailormade formulation of polyamide features the mechanical properties of a PA6. Tensile strength was measured at 77,99 MPa  and impact strength (notched) was measured at 5,44KJ/m2, test specimens both printed on Ultimaker 2+, 260C 0.1mm layerheight with 100% infill. Read more about the mechanical properties, here.

This is a one of a kind nylon material, very low warp even at ambient temperatures.

-Team colorFabb


Our first PA material developed with LEHVOSS Group modified for low warp and low moisture absorption.


Polyamide is an amazing material with excellent material properties. However printing with most nylon materials is known to be very difficult. PA-CF Low Warp is modified to remedy these issues, less fine tuning, more printing.


This engineering grade material has many markets and industries in which it’s porperties add value to the application. Curious to see possible applications?

colorFabb PA-CF Low Warp




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