Why PA-CF low warp

PA-CF low warp features many material characteristics wanted for high performance, engineering applications.


High heat resistance, with easy low warp printing.

PA-CF Low Warp allows continues use at 120°C while retaining sufficient properties for the intended application. Most high heat resistant materials will be difficult to print and require heated chambers and or heated platforms to keep parts from warping the bottom layer. PA-CF low warp shows a very low tendency to warp, even at ambient temperature platform. Using 50C on the build platform will eliminate the warp entirely, resulting in perfect flat prints.

Modified for less moisture uptake

For those looking to print with nylon, moisture is a serious topic. PA-CF low warp has been modified to lower the uptake of moisture and slow down the time it takes to fully saturate by 4 times. In practice this means the filament is quite forgiving and user should be able to print with the material without noticing extreme influences of moisture uptake. ColorFabb successfully printed the filaments without special drying equipment.


High strength

Users can now print high strength material without the need of heated chambers. The materials shows very good results for 3D printed specimens compared to injection molded data, with only minimal loss in performance. This is a result of the excellent printability of the material, enabling users to acquire optimal performance on desktop FFF 3d printers.




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