Below we’re showing various applications which are perfect for PA-CF low warp.



PA-CF is already a well known material for use in automotive applications. The unique combination of high strength, good temperature resistance and good chemical stability makes this material a good choice for parts in and around the car. It’s used a lot already for brackets and covers, which can be perfectly printed using PA-CF low warp.

Functional prototyping & part manufacturing

The materials is uniquely suited for functional prototyping and final part manufacturing. For functional prototyping users are often looking for materials which have good toughness, strength and resistance to abrasion. Because of the excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance het material can even be considers for use in final applications.


Jigs & Fixtures

PA-CF low warp has great dimensional stability, because of extremely low warp. The material is therefor unique suited for applications such as jigs & fixtures which require parts with accurate dimensions

Light weight & high stiffness

The density of PA-CF is lower than regular PA, due to the added carbon fiber content. Apart from making the material lighter it also makes the material stiffer. This makes the material very useful in cases where the part weight is important.




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